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Jade Teran is a California based photographer and current college student. Photography has been her passion since the age of seventeen and continues to practice as she travels the world and documents those around her.

Jade Teran

Artist Statement

My current work focuses on the rejection of traditional formality and form commonly displayed in portraiture. Every person's body demonstrates a unique set of characteristics,  and as an artist I enjoy exploring the different contours and shapes to present something unfamiliar to the human eye.

I explore form by utilizing geometric shapes to create abstractions throughout various pieces of work. While there are no specific references within my art, I consider artists such as Sally Mann, Pablo Picasso, and Jesse Draxler as my most significant influences. The use of black and white photography is directly related to emphasizing the composition and structure within my work. While I do create traditional prints, my current collections also explores sculpture. The ability to bring a 2D work into a three dimensional space enables me as an artist to engage with my work more while exploring physical layers and manipulations. The sculptural aspect of my work allows the viewer to have different perspectives while walking around the work and creates a more personal experience.

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